Kansas Health Insurance

What will my health insurance cover? And what will it cost? The answers depend on where in Kansas you live — Kansas City or Wichita, Dodge City or Topeka — because plans can vary around different parts of the state. But there are a few things every Kansan needs to know to choose the right coverage.

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When can I buy health insurance?

Each year there is a window to sign up for coverage called open enrollment. If you miss this window, you can buy coverage and apply for tax credits anytime if you experience a qualifying event.

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Can I get tax credits to help pay for health insurance in Kansas?

161,000 people in Kansas can get tax credits to help make health insurance more affordable. To find out if you might be eligible for a tax credit, you’ll first have to choose a qualifying event.

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How do I decide which health insurance plan is best for me?

You can get expert, personalized help choosing the right plan and claiming tax credits here on GetInsured.

Kansas and Healthcare Reform

Here are some questions you may have about how the Affordable Care Act works in the Sunflower State.

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Where can I buy an ACA plan in Kansas?

Kansas is one of the states that does not run its own health insurance marketplace. Instead, it is served by the federal government’s site, healthcare.gov. To get help shopping there, give GetInsured a call — we’re a government-approved partner.

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Who can get Medicaid or CHIP?

Most disabled adults, pregnant women, and children from lower-income households are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP (a.k.a. KanCare) in Kansas. Most other adults, even those with low incomes, probably won’t be. But it doesn’t hurt to check, or even apply, at KanCare.

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Do smokers pay more for health insurance in Kansas?

Yes. If you are a tobacco user you may have to pay up to 50 percent more for health insurance. However, most plans have been charging on average only about 10 percent more, so smokers should still be able to find an affordable plan.

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Is physical therapy covered?

If you need physical therapy and purchased your own ACA plan, you should be covered. Of course you’ll want to check your plan’s details or talk to your insurance company to make sure the services you’re looking for are included.

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Do Kansas plans cover chiropractic care?

Many Kansas health plans cover chiropractic care and, unlike many other states, don’t preset the number of visits they’ll cover per plan year. To find out if your plan includes this coverage, read your policy’s summary of benefits or call your insurance company.

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What about infertility treatments?

Kansas health plans offer some coverage, including services to diagnose and treat conditions that result in infertility. However, most plans don’t cover in vitro fertilization (IVF), in vivo fertilization, or other medically assisted insemination procedures. As always, read your plan’s summary of benefits for details.

Which Insurance Companies Offer Qualified Health Plans in Kansas?

You can find information about plans from these carriers when you shop on GetInsured.

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Additional qualified health plans are available from the insurance company listed below.
Contact healthcare.gov for details.

BCBS Kansas

How Do I Find a Licensed Health Insurance Broker in Kansas?

You can check a broker’s license through the Kansas Insurance Department. Or call GetInsured and one of our certified brokers can assist you.

Kansas Health Insurance Facts & Figures

Largest Increase in Premiums for the Same Plan, from 2014 to 2015: +20 percent
Largest Decrease in Premiums for the Same Plan, from 2014 to 2015: -3 percent
Uninsured Kansans (pre-ACA Marketplaces): 347,000
Uninsured Kansans Eligible for Tax Credits: 161,000
Kansans Purchasing Own Health Insurance (Without Other Coverage): 192,000
Kansans With Only Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: 1.39 million
Kansans With Only Medicaid or CHIP Coverage: 271,000

Source: U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey and the Kaiser Family Foundation

If you’re looking to buy affordable health coverage in Kansas, give us a call. We’ll make shopping for insurance easy.