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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Posted by: Getinsured Staff on May 2, 2016

Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States and it affects approximately 40 million Americans?1 That is more than the number of people who subscribed to Netflix in the U.S. in 2015.2 May is Mental Health Awareness and we wanted to make sure you know what your health […]

It’s One Month Until Open Enrollment

Posted by: Jennifer Milner on October 1, 2015

In need of health insurance? Well, then we’ve got great news! Open Enrollment for 2016 begins November 1, 2015, and at GetInsured, shopping for a new plan will be simple. You’ll be able to easily compare plans and pricing, make sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered and quickly determine if you’re eligible for tax […]

It’s Open Enrollment Season. Don’t Forget Your COBRA Participants!

Posted by: Getinsured Staff on August 27, 2015

  Hard to believe it’s already open enrollment season for employer-sponsored benefits providers. At GetInsured we talk to employers every day who are so busy preparing open enrollment information for their active employees that their COBRA participants become an afterthought. Most companies don’t realize how much COBRA enrollees actually cost them, and what a mistake […]

Healthcare and Taxes: Three Things to Know, to Have, and to Do at Tax Time

HealthcareTaxes Posted by: GetInsured Staff on March 12, 2015

This tax season is the first time you’ll be asked about your health insurance when you’re sitting down to file your return. Here’s what you need to prepare.

Surprised by the Health Insurance Penalty? This News Is for You

Uncle Sam Posted by: liz neporent on March 10, 2015

If you were shocked to discover you owe a tax penalty for not having health insurance in 2014, you’ll need to know about these special enrollment windows.

Obamacare Deadline: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

LastChance Posted by: Katie Antheil Boyd on February 19, 2015

Yes, open enrollment officially ended. And yes, the deadline to sign up for coverage has been extended in most states. Note to the uninsured: Get Moving!

How Auto-Renewing Your Current Health Plan Could Cost You

ThinkstockPhotos-500092475 Posted by: Getinsured Staff on February 2, 2015

If you’re planning to keep the same health insurance you bought last year, beware. Its premium may have changed a lot. Here’s how to re-shop quickly & easily.

6 Ways to Know You’ve Got a Good Health Insurance Broker

Broker Posted by: liz neporent on January 12, 2015

A savvy health insurance pro can make the shopping process much easier. Here are 6 ways to know you’re in good hands.

What Savvy Shoppers Know About 2015 Premium Rate Changes

Shoppers Posted by: Katie Antheil Boyd on December 15, 2014

Shopping for health insurance? Premium rates for 2015 have changed — and here’s the secret that smart shoppers know about what those changes mean.

ACA Silver and Bronze Plans Take First Place

Choice Posted by: Katie Antheil Boyd on December 2, 2014

Most Americans are choosing to buy either silver tier or bronze tier health insurance plans. Here’s why.

3 Surprising Ways to De-Stress

Stressed-out santa Posted by: Denise Schipani on November 26, 2014

Feeling stressed about the holidays, shopping for health insurance, and your endless to-do list? Here are 3 simple ways to bring a little calm to your day.

A Family Tree for Health Care

Family Tree Posted by: Melanie Haiken on November 25, 2014

Holiday gatherings are the perfect setting for family members to share their medical history. Here are 6 ways to get the conversation going.

Life-Changing Event? Tell It to the Marketplace

Brand New Baby Posted by: Denise Schipani on September 4, 2014

If things have changed from when you first bought your health insurance it could affect your coverage, or your tax credits. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Travel Illnesses and How to Avoid Them

Feeling ill on the plane Posted by: Ann Pietrangelo on August 25, 2014

Vacations recharge your mind and feed your soul, but sometimes they can wreak havoc on your body. Here’s how you can stay healthy.

Vaccine Update: Yes, They Are Safe

child and vaccine Posted by: Denise Schipani on August 14, 2014

A new report finds that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh any risks. Here is what you need to know.

Seriously Icky Things You Can Catch in the Water

child swimming Posted by: Josie Rubio on August 7, 2014

Swimming is a great summer pleasure. But before you head into the surf or dive into the pool, read this. And spread the word.

Is Healthcare Getting Safer? Interview With Dr. Marty Makary

Marty Makary Posted by: Robin D. Schatz on July 29, 2014

If you know the right questions to ask, will you get better healthcare? Dr. Marty Makary thinks so. Find out how his push for transparency helps us all.

Run for Fun!

FunRun1 Posted by: Denise Schipani on July 3, 2014

Become a kaleidoscope of color — or get soaking wet — during one of these three themed races. Who knew exercise could be such a blast!

22 Things You Should Have in Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet Posted by: Denise Schipani on June 24, 2014

Is your bathroom cabinet amply stocked with the all remedies you’ll need for any illnesses, accidents, or complaints your family faces? Here’s a checklist.

What Netflix Can Teach Us About Healthcare

Aneesh Chopra Posted by: Getinsured Staff on June 10, 2014

Innovation, including health reform, happens when ideas and information are shared, says Aneesh Chopra, the country’s first chief technology officer.

Claim Denied! Now What?

Denied Posted by: Ann Pietrangelo on May 29, 2014

Don’t assume that no is the final answer. If your medical claim gets turned down, you can appeal. And the odds are in your favor.

Woof, Woof! The Joys, and Health Benefits, of Owning a Pet

Pet Lovers Posted by: Denise Schipani on May 23, 2014

Dogs and cats — so cute and cuddly – are treasured members of your family. But did you know they’re also good for your health?

4 Things Every New Mom Should Know About Health Insurance

Waiting for Baby Posted by: Denise Schipani on May 15, 2014

A baby’s arrival is a joyous event. Making sure you are both in the best health possible will make the occasion that much happier.

Nurture Your Body With Nature

Nurture Posted by: Tannia Hannan on May 7, 2014

It makes sense that the great outdoors is often the best medicine for our mind, body, and spirit.

Unexpected Heroes During Open Enrollment

Posted by: Denise Schipani on May 3, 2014

During the ACA’s first open enrollment, our brokers expected to field all kinds of health insurance questions. What they didn’t know is how many lives they would change.

9 Viral Moments Inspired by Obamacare

Viral Moments Posted by: Josie Rubio on April 29, 2014

Who knew the Affordable Care Act would spur such marketing creativity?

ACA Health Plan Infertility Coverage by State

Posted by: Ivan Williams on April 23, 2014

Dealing with infertility puts you on an emotional roller coaster for many reasons, one of which is that treatments are so costly, and for some, financially out of reach. What you may not know is that in 22 states ACA plans cover some infertility treatment or services. What’s covered? How much will you have to […]

Fitness That’s Fun? Yes, Please!

Fun Fitness Posted by: Denise Schipani on April 23, 2014

Bust out of your (boring?) workout routine by trying one of these 4 innovative classes. You’ll feel like a school kid at play while getting in shape.

4 Foods that Are Better Than Medicine

Four Foods Posted by: Melanie Haiken on April 11, 2014

Looking to ward off a spring cold or just give your body a healthy boost? Head for the fridge, not the pharmacy.

Let a Kid Explain It: Health Insurance Deductible

Posted by: Getinsured Staff on April 2, 2014

Confused by all the health insurance terminology? Watch these kids explain health insurance like you’ve never heard it before.

A Health Insurance Plan Delivers Great News for a Growing Family

Stork Posted by: Liz Shimer Bowers on March 28, 2014

The Affordable Care Act puts a couple back in charge of making an important decision . . . and fulfilling a dream.

Obamacare Extension? Why You Should Still Shop ASAP

Posted by: Katie Antheil Boyd on March 26, 2014

The government has opened up a brief window for some people to buy health insurance after March 31 but here’s why you should sign up, like, NOW!

You’ve Signed Up for Health Insurance…But Have You Paid Up?

Pay Up Posted by: Denise Schipani on March 17, 2014

If you’ve enrolled in a new health insurance plan, don’t forget that you’re not officially covered until you pay that first premium.

Health Insurance Might Be More Affordable Than You Think

Posted by: Getinsured Staff on March 7, 2014

20-Somethings, Listen Up: Depending on where you live, buying health insurance can be cheaper than paying the penalty. Just check out some of these prices.

Health Insurance for Less Than $1 a Day

Dollar Posted by: Ivan Williams on March 6, 2014

If you’re in your 20s, health insurance might be less expensive than you think. Check out this list of counties where health insurance is the cheapest.

Show Your Heart a Little Love: Interview With Cardiologist Nieca Goldberg

Nieca Goldberg Posted by: Denise Schipani on February 25, 2014

When it comes to signs and symptoms of heart disease, women are not small men, says renowned cardiologist Nieca Goldberg. Here’s what you need to know.

Fight Heart Disease . . . With Happiness!

Happiness Posted by: Melanie Haiken on February 21, 2014

Find out why feeling happy and content lowers your risk of a heart attack. And how hugging your friends will bring more joy to your day.

7 Surprising Things Your New Health Insurance Will Cover

Surprising Posted by: Melanie Haiken on February 14, 2014

For once there’s some good news in the fine print: The ACA plans offer new benefits that will help keep you healthy.

5 Tips to Lower Your Healthcare Costs

Tips Posted by: Melanie Haiken on February 14, 2014

Out-of-pocket healthcare expenses can eat up a chunk of your budget each month. Here are some creative ways to keep those outlays in check.

Choosing Between COBRA and Obamacare? Pros and Cons

COBRA Posted by: Getinsured Staff on February 7, 2014

The option to keep your employer-sponsored health coverage is a good one, but is it best for you? Here are some things to consider.

You’ve Signed Up for a New Health Plan? Prove It!

Online Files Posted by: Denise Schipani on January 31, 2014

What happens when your doctor or pharmacy can’t confirm your new insurance? Here are a few steps to take.

You’ve Got Health Insurance Questions…

Posted by: Denise Schipani on January 23, 2014

Over the last few months, consumers have been wrestling with insurance-plan options…and information overload. Here are the top 10 questions people were asking, and the answers.

Canceled Health Insurance Plan? You’ve Got Some New Options

Cancelled Posted by: Josie Rubio on January 9, 2014

If your policy was discontinued, you’ll be able to claim a “hardship exemption.” Which means you can buy a low-cost Marketplace catastrophic insurance plan — or skip coverage altogether this year.

Here’s to Your Health…Insurance

Health Insurance Posted by: Denise Schipani on December 24, 2013

Hey all you moms: During this joyous time of year, take a moment for reflection. Here’s why getting your family insured will make it a Happy New Year.

Having the Health Insurance Talk … With Your Spouse

Spouse Posted by: Denise Schipani on December 24, 2013

If the guy you married is leaning away from health coverage for himself (as long as you and the kids have it), you need to sit the man down for a chat.

Having the Health Insurance Talk … With Your Adult Kids

Parents Posted by: Denise Schipani on December 24, 2013

Though they are able-bodied young adults, they are not invincible. Here are 5 things they should know about health insurance.

Having the Health Insurance Talk … With Your Parents

Parents Posted by: Denise Schipani on December 24, 2013

Have your folks retired early or cut back their work hours? Do they think they can skate by insurance until Medicare kicks in? Here are 5 ways Obamacare is good for them.

5 Things You Should Know About the ACA (2014)

Obamacare Posted by: Getinsured Staff on December 23, 2013

Hearing a lot of confusing information about Obamacare? Here are the 5 most important facts you need to know.

When Hospital Bills Hurt So Bad

Hospital Bills Posted by: Josie Rubio on December 19, 2013

Is a $2000 charge for a few stitches really fair? Hospitals defend their pricing, but some patients would disagree.

Just Do It! Buy Your Health Coverage Now

BuyNow Posted by: liz neporent on December 11, 2013

Still not insured? The news from is that it’s now easy to shop.